Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still Alive!

Hi guys! I'm back and still alive!

I'm so so sorry I disappeared for so long but the beginning of spring is a painful moment for me. I'm allergic to all sorts of things and I've been saving the little energy that I do have for work and those three flights of stairs that I need to climb to get to our appartment (like the Big Bang Theory ^^).

My mind is buzzing with ideas right now because I feel a bit better and also because I had a crazy impulsive haul. So in my next post I will show you the sweet goodies I got and some looks I've been doing recently, mainly eyeliner and loads of mascara.

I've been inspired by looks like this:

All images are from *here*, I always check that website at least once a day.

I'm also dying to try these:

They look mesmerising! I also got the pics from *here*

 Also, this weekend I finally managed to use some fake lashes the right way and they stayed on all day, I almost didn't wanna remove them :p

I also took some pictures of my fruit juices that I've been having and also of my fruit pankaces attempt.

So see you guys soon, and until then take care.

See you! Bye!


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