Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Me Now Generation II" Eye and Lip liner pencils look and review

So today I'm gonna do a product review,as promised earlier, it's about those pencils I got as a gift from an ebay seller with one of my purchases.

This is as usual, my true and honest opinion about the product.

I would say that my overall first impression of the product was slightly bad because there was a kind of "plastic" smell when I opened the pack.

I think it's because of the wrapper used because now it doesn't have any smell whatsoever, which is more than fine by me.

The pigmentation is very good on the skin, you can get a good amount of colour with just one light swipe. It's also very easy to blend and to apply.
On the top is one swipe of the black pencil, on the bottom is a light swipe that I just run my finger over to see if it was easy to smudge.
Did the same with the red one too.

I decided to do a look after swatching them.

Swatches of all the colours on my wrist, no primer applied.

 These colours are matte and don't have any shimmer except for the purple one.
 These are the colours that have a bit of shimmer to them.

 The matte liners, swatched on paper.
The shimmer liners, swatched on paper.

All in all I would give it a 8/10 because it's not waterproof, otherwise I really like them.

Thanks for reading and see you soon, 

Until then, Take care, 



  1. can i ask u something? what happen when the color on the top is over? how u pushed out?, i just got this ones from ebay and i dont get it! lol.

    1. Heheh it can be tricky yes, well I sharpened mine like regular pencils and it worked fine, u will need a good sharp one though
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps =)

  2. I WasThinkingTheSameThing About to get the color out so thank you

  3. Meee Too! I just got them from a beauty supply near my home in Atl, I get complimented on the colors, but was seriously twisting the heck out of them like why won't they push out! Gettine myself a sharpener today! I love your lining....how do u do the look. I've tried so many times and can't get the tail to look nice and thin like that.....
    beautiful eyes BTW!

    1. Hi! Happy you like it! Actually the pencils don't twist out you need to sharpen them. To get the line nice and winged out, I sharpen the pencil before using it, and you have to try to not press it down too hard on your skin, also another good tip is to rest your elbow on a steady surface for more control of the line. I hope that helps. And thanks for stopping by! =)

    2. True i get in lazada I ordered mystery box for cometics and now the top of the pencil is to short to eye liner it on your eyes

  4. Where can I buy these? I love them? Is the shimmer blue called Satin Blue?

  5. Where can I buy these? I love them? Is the shimmer blue called Satin Blue?

    1. I bought these from Ebay (http://www.ebay.fr/itm/6-12-Eyeliner-Crayon-Levres-Fard-Ombre-a-Paupieres-Waterproof-Yeux-Maquillage-Pr-/290928276980?pt=FR_CP_Beaute_Maquillage&var=&hash=item43bcad35f4) but the different colours don't have specific names. Or at least I haven't noticed.
      I hope this helps though =) And thanks a lot for stopping by.

  6. hello, what is the country of origin of these liners? do they stay for a whole day?

  7. Thanks for letting me know I could sharpen them. It was driving nuts

  8. Hi I just received this same packs myself, you mentioned sharpening the pencil eyeliner but my question is how do you sharpen the eyeliner if it's in a plastic tube? It's been killing me not knowing how to get the rest of the eyeliner to come out.

  9. Well, thanks 4 clearing out they can b sharpened, I bought 2 just 2 try them out at first and was bout 2 throw them out. Glad I stopped by on time! Lol thanks

  10. I myself just bought the pack and was trying to figure out how I was going to use it once the the intitail liner was gone! Thank you for answering this, but I thought u couldn't sharpen plastic?

  11. So I'm supposed to use a regular pencil sharpener to sharpen it


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