Friday, July 20, 2012

International Makeup and Skincare Swap: Thailand/France Part 1

Hi all! I'm so so excited to write this post today!
This is kind of a response to this post by Jeanette. And is an international swap. This my first ever makeup swap and after this experience, I can't wait to do more.
The "posting" process was  bit difficult but I got my package in fairly good condition, I say fairly because nothing was damaged but I think the people at the post office took a peek inside. Anyway, no biggie! =)

So let's get right into it!
These are the products removed from the package (because my adress is on it and that's kinda private...).
Look how cutely packaged everything is!!! =D

Some items had some little writing on them indicating what was in it or were it was from or what it was for =)

All of this stuff is so cute!

These lashes look awesome I can't wait to try them!

This hand cream smells  really good =)

This makeup pouch is alredy in my handbag and I use it everyday, so handy. And it's pink which is a must =)

This is a matte polish =)

I will review these products as I use them so keep your eyes peeled for that, I  will also post about the sheet masks later on =)
And Jeanette, thank you sosososo much for this I can't wait for our next swap. You're awesome!

See you! Bye!



  1. Hi Sonam,

    Thank you for making a blog entry, too. I have already included a link to my blog as well.

    I hope you are enjoying the goodies! Take care always!xxx

    1. Hi Jeanette! Yes, everything's awesome! I really like the products you chose and everytime I get the chance I just keep going on and on about my "swap buddy" in Thailand and the wondeful stuff she sent me ^^


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