Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upcoming post: More Kiko Love!!!

Hi! How's everyone doing? Fine I hope!
So this will be a continuation of my previous post about Kiko Cosmetics.

These are the products that I added to my ever growing collection, I bought them a while back, but I'm shopping the stash these days so I thought I'd review them and share the love.

And there's more to come too!!!
So see you all soon for that ;)
Until then Be good and take care!



  1. They look very cool! I don't own no Kiko...yet! How much are the products? Where to buy them?

    1. The products are quite unexpensive you can check their website here:http://www.kikocosmetics.com/eshop/guest;jsessionid=MPErFoXPDjmt2es10JkhMQ__.jboss09 you can buy online and also in their stores, depends where you live. I live in France in Lyon and there's a store in the mall not too far from where i live so I discovered the brand there.
      The shadows are very pigmented and longlasting. One of the SA told me that the products are actually manufactured by MAC but I don't know about that...quite convincing quality though. =)

  2. Kiko cosmetics really look interesting! :) How are you? Hope you get your package soon. Cheers!


  3. remember there's a big kiko-shop at confluence! ;)


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