Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lazy Post!


I hope this week is going well for everyone, mine is fine so far. I have painting class tonight and I'm gonna start a canvas (my first! >_<*) 

This post is about being lazy.
Yes, I'm lazy sometimes and I admit it, but this one I think all makeup addicts will agree with.

I don't like washing makeup brushes, it takes time and then u have to wait for the darn things to dry...
They should invent a machine that washes makeup brushes and dries them, or a product that does that, all without damaging the bristles.

I'm a brush  addict so I have quite a collection and I wash them often so I feel like a robot now doing the same thing over and over.

Anyway, does anyone know of a product that strips the brushes from all dirt without damaging or drying out the bristles? Please, I need your help. I currently use baby shampoo and extra virgin olive oil (Michelle Phan's technique).

See you soon! Bye! 


  1. Hey :)
    i currently use a Shower Oil for sensitive skin. Worked out good for me so far. I wash them out good and hang them up to dry (they dry faster that way)
    Love, Janine

    1. Ooooh I'll have to try that! And to tthink that I already had the Shower oil right there...
      Thanks Janine! I'll tell you how it went (I have a second batch to wash so I can even compare the results) ^^.

    2. Thanks a lot Janine!!!
      It worked! I tried it over the weekend and it really worked well. The brushes dried fast too! I used this and it worked like a charm. Thanks a lot, as I didn't even have to go out and buy something new =)

  2. Johnson baby shampoo is the best product to clean the makeup brushes..Thank you!

    If you have time, you can also visit this website:


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