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A month of Tosowoong (review)

Hi there!

Today I'm gonna tell you all about the Tosowoong pore brush.
 Classic Tosowoong brush and Accent brush (the smaller one for spot cleaning particular places on your face such as the side of your nose or your eyelid etc...)

First of all what is a Tosowoong Brush?
[TOSOWOONG] Clean Pore Brush

Miracle of Deep Cleansing by fine brush!
About 31 thousand bristles compact, it helps you to remove the dirt of your skin completely.

Clean Pore Brush
Made in Korea

Brand new & high quality
Made in Korea
310.000 of Micro fine brush.
Deeply cleaning without skin irritation
Elasticity and ultra flexible artificial hair can be used longer than animal hair.


0.045mm fine brush hair deeply ceans pore waste, black head. it is mush cleaner to use pore brush than just washing face with hands.

Tosowoong pore brush is dense. so just rubbing skin softly cleans the skin well.

Evenly distributed pressures from artificial brush hair minimizes irritation on the skin. 

Special manufacturing created evenly dense artificial hair, animal hair easily changes, gets odor or gems reproduce. However, the artificial hair is hygienic and elastic, it can be used as semi permenantly.

(all this info was shamelessly pumped up here =P)

My experience with it.
This is the one that I have.
I've heard a lot of good about the Tosowoong brushes everywhere, so I wanted to try it for myself, the thing is, I don't like wooden brushes because I feel like when you wet them repeatedly, after a while they will get super dry and finally break. I've seen that happen before (not from the Tosowoong brand of course as I had never tried it) so that's what made me a bit skeptical abut the whole thing. The thing is, they also have plastic ones and when I discovered that, there was no stopping me anymore! I bought mine from Ebay so it was about 36€ with free shipping. It came at that price because it's a battery powered one. You push this blue button and it starts vibrating rapidly and you apply it to your face and use it in circular motions.  I usually do my entire face then I go back to places that need extra cleaning such as my T-zone , jaw line (I keep getting zits there these days) and my forehead (you can get hair product on your forehead and all over your face too when you have your hair down all day). 

Sometimes I use the Dermalogica instead of the Enzyme powder or I mix both . I like the result: clean and supple skin!
Since the soap is a powder, I usually put a bit in the palm of my hand and put some water then I rub my hands together to get it nice and foamy. Sometimes I mix my Enzyme Powder and the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant when I need an extra scrub, otherwise I usually choose one of the two . I use this brush 1 or two times a day everyday except for weekends. It hasn't broken me out or made my skin excessively dry (which had been the case with another facial brush that I tried). I also use it with my Tea Tree Oil Face Wash from The Body Shop when I do get a breakout and the zits are way smaller the day after, two days after they're gone!

In conclusion, I would say that I am really satisfied by this brush. I have to admit that when I got it, I was a bit skeptical because the bristles looked longer than they did on the website and I thought that it wouldn't make any difference but it does, really. So I'm happy I tried. 

There are four different models of Tosowoong brushes, here they are in ascending order of price and also from the oldest to the latest. The last one comes with a special sponge so it can be used to apply your base makeup such as primer and or foundation for example. I haven't tried it yet but I have to admit that I'm tempted and have a hard time to choose between this and the Clarisonic brush. >_<' These brushes are available here with free shipping worldwide.

If any of you have tried this brush or other variations of the Tosowoong brush please give me your impressions in the comments down below, I would love to know what other people think of it.

I hope this post helped you understand this brush. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Take care! Bye!



  1. Thanks for your review! I bought one upon many blog recommendations like yours and did a mini review. My skin has really improved, hehe my nose looks better. Thank you :)

  2. thank you for a review. i have two brushes by Tosowoong - 3d and 4d - and i'm very satisfied with them) my skin care products absorb much faster!

  3. I LOVE TOSOWOONG! I have their Embossing Brush--it's the new one with the Black handle and Gold lettering on the back of it. This brush is awesome! It feels like I'm washing my face with silk. I use TOSOWOONG's MOISTURE Soap (not the MONSTER one) with the brush once a day at night. I love how smooth my skin look afterwards and my pores look a little smaller as well.

    A woman had complimented me today on how great my skin looks. She had been to my Shop before and noticed how different my skin looks from when she saw me last. That was very encouraging and I'm definitely sticking to my nightly routine. It's one thing to see the results yourself, but when other people see it, that is assurance that it's working.

    Thank you for the review! :-)


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