Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kiko cosmetics, love at first sight! (pic heavy post!)

Hi everyone!
I hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine started off quite bad because I was a bit ill but I was all better by saturday afternoon (just in time for pizza, not sure if it's related =P).

So as the title says, I'm gonna be telling you all about this new brand of cosmetics that I discovered a few months ago and can no longer live without.

At first, I went into the store because they had sales on their nail polish (no need to tell you I went berserk in there, I'll keep this for another post ;)). The store is quite narrow and always packed (now I know why!) so I never went in out of curiousity as I usually do when I find new stores in the mall.

Anyway, I went in and to my surprise there was makeup, skincare, nail art tools, makeup tools and also pigments!

No need to explain that I'm an addict, especially because their prodcuts are very affordable. Especially compared to stuff from Sephora and even from drugstores!

So here are a few items that I've got:

Blooming eyeshadow palette in Tender Corals

the swatches were done on my (very dry ugh!) hand without any primer in one swipe, these are nicely pigmented.

Bloom Blush

This is a peachy coloured Stick Blush, I really like it because I always have a hard time with cream blushes, but this is pigmented and easy to use. Also, It can be used directly on the cheeks with foundation on or even if you powdered your face, in which case I usually use my fingers to apply it and use a patting motion to give it the colour I want and to blend it in. It lasts for quite a few hours, I also use it under powder blush and then it lasts even longer.

This is a mixing solution to use with the pigments that they sell at Kiko. I usually use it with my brown shadow to do my brows too, makes it last all day long without a smudge ;)

These are the pigments, they're very manageable and long lasting, I used both a few times already, the blue as a lid colour and the black as a liner and they look amazing. I'll have to post some looks with these on because I always get compliments when I use them.

This is a very light, champagne/vanilla coloured eyeshadow, I use it on my "almost no makeup days" on my entire eyelid, it looks very natural and it's very easy to blend too.

I also pair it with a brown eyeshadow to do the Angelina Jolie cat eyes inspired by Pixiwoo and it works wonders for that! Pics to come as soon as I get the lashes right ^^

This is one of their lipsticks swatched once, and then ont he right swatched three times. It can be worn as a nude colour or patted on the lips for a stainlike effect that would look much brighter. 

This is their creamy pencil and I'm really in love with it, it's hydrating, not sticky and I think that this colour would look great on any and every skintone.
I also found it quite longlasting compared to my other lipglosses or lipbalms.

More Pics of the pigmnts and swatches:

I also got this extra volume lipgloss, I've already almost used it all up, I use it on it's own or over lipstick for some extra sheen. The texture is very creamy and not sticky at all!

So this is it for the Kiko love. I do have more products of this brand but I'll post about them another time or it'll be too much.

Until next time!

*I just wanted to add that unless I say otherwise, all the products in my blog posts are bought with my own hard earned money. I don't work for any cosmetic company nor do I get any samples from them.
This is my honest oppinion. =)

See you! Bye!

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