Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look of the day and Jewellery of the day


This is my look of the day and Jewellery of the day.

I was going for a fresh, fuss free look, so I'm not wearing too much jewelery no too much makeup (not that I usually do but I really kept it to a minimum) and I also forgot to take a pic of my earrings. Will update the post in a few hours with that.


Today, I was wearing:

My  Six Rose Gold watch that I've been wearing everyday since I got it. I don't think the store retails online though. But you can find the same kind of watch at Asos.

This ring has been my favorite for about 6 years or so, I wear it most of the time. I really like it because it's actually two rings, one with the flower and the other one with the butterfly. It wasn't expensive and it's gold plated but I really love it. Maybe because it's the first peice of jewelry I got with my first salary after I came to France. It has great sentimental value =)

This ring I always wear on my right thumb and I never take it off, I remember it changing colour once when I was relaxing someone's hair back in French Guyana (I was a Hair dresser =) ) and my mom "saved" it with some crushed pepper leaves. It's silver and it doesn't have any particular significance, it's just part of me now I guess. I elmost feel kinda naked if I don't wear it so I just keep it there.

This is a recent purchase as I've been looking for ages for a nice silver ring to wear on my right hand. I do have the previous one but it's on my thumb whereas this one is on my middle finger. I wanted it to be thin and delicate but not too frgile because I like to keep this kind of stuff for a veeeeery long time =) I'm not sure what the stone is but I'll find out if anyone wants to know.

This si my dearly beloved Shambala bracelet. I don't really wear it that much because of the strings that hang. It can be a bit annoying sometimes cuz I'm always shaking my hands, I'm a fidgety one.

And this is an ankle bracelet I bought in the beginning of spring and never wore because the weather was so ugly I couldn't wear anything besides tall boots.

I also have this necklace that I also wear almost everyday, I got it as a gift.
It has an opal stone, a Fatma hand and a little "Om" medalion. I really like it becasue the chain is really thin an dainty. =)

so that's it for now. If I switch things up a bit I'll post about it. I still have some things that I've never worn because I was waiting for the weather to be really nice. But now that it is I guess I will =)

P.S.: Here are some very awkward and shaky pics of the earrings but you can see them better in this post. 

Everyone in the park where I usually have lunch must think I'm crazy cuz I was snapping pics of my ears in plain sight O_o. Well, u gotta do what u gotta do right? ;)

Have a wonderful day!

See you! Bye! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lazy Post!


I hope this week is going well for everyone, mine is fine so far. I have painting class tonight and I'm gonna start a canvas (my first! >_<*) 

This post is about being lazy.
Yes, I'm lazy sometimes and I admit it, but this one I think all makeup addicts will agree with.

I don't like washing makeup brushes, it takes time and then u have to wait for the darn things to dry...
They should invent a machine that washes makeup brushes and dries them, or a product that does that, all without damaging the bristles.

I'm a brush  addict so I have quite a collection and I wash them often so I feel like a robot now doing the same thing over and over.

Anyway, does anyone know of a product that strips the brushes from all dirt without damaging or drying out the bristles? Please, I need your help. I currently use baby shampoo and extra virgin olive oil (Michelle Phan's technique).

See you soon! Bye! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming up soon!

Hi all!!!
I hope u are as energised as I am and that you could enjoy this three day weekend, for those who didn't, I hope u'll have the chance to do so soon. God knows I needed it. It only rained once this weekend and I was at home so yay!^^

So this is just a post about my upcoming posts, I started using some new products after my breakout subsided a bit. Last friday I was at MAC and a very nice SA showed me this product:

MAC Mineralise Charged Water Moisture Gel

This product is amazing, and I must say that my skin is really loving it so I'll stick to it for now and do a full review when I will be sure of what I think of it.
Until then, here's a link to a review by Musingsofamuse that I read before buying it: Link.

And this is my LOTD from yesterday, nothing unusual besides my bright orange shirt. =)

The last few pictures with the green shirt are from the day after my breakout started =(

I also have to post about some other MAC goodies that I got but I'm not telling. It's not much though, because I've decided that I need to start shopping the stash if I don't want to become a makeup hoarder. <__<' (I actually think I'm one already)

Anyways, see you soon!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In progress painting and yesterday's LOTD

Hi everyone!
I hope you've been good ad well, I'm quite tired these days and not really feeling the motivation to do anything really.
This is the last painting that I've done, I actually finished it but it's not home yet because it isn't dry.
Painting is something that makes me feel relaxed and creative, well most of the time it does that but sometimes (like now) even that won't do, and I just feel bleh...

I will post an updated picture with the actual flowers soon (probably tonight because I'm gonna bring it home).I tried doing a few here but the brown paint on the branches wasn't dry so it bleeded a bit  >_<'.
This is the finished painting, I still need to frame it though.

This is my LOTD, these days I must admit that I haven't been very creative in  the makeup department, I did do some braids in my hair for a change but for the makeup I stayed in my comfort zone because I don't really have the time to go into elaborate stuff, and my sweet sleep is so precious that I didn't feel like waking up earlier to do more.
I do make it a point to stick to my skincare routine because I've been breaking out quite seriously since saturday. My face feels so itchy sometimes I want to scratch it. O_o

I've been going wild with the tea tree oil products, I use them morning and night.
The ones I have are: 
The body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing face wash and the Tea Tree oil Blemish stick:
I use this morning and night. I apply the blemish gel on the spots and then I wait for it to dry before applying anything else to my face just to make sure that it penetrates.

I also wash my face every night with this Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash, it's very refreshing:

I know that you're not supposed to exfoliate daily but I think it'll help with the breakout so I use it sparingly on on located areas only so  Idon't dry out my skin. But I only do it at night because my face remains red for a while after using it. 

Anyway, that's it for today, sorry for complaning a bit but I'm really not used to breaking out so it always freaks me out because I always figure that it's because I did or ate something that I shouldn't have (like spicy food, I had a lot this weekend and I don't think it's a coincidence... -______-' I just can't resist asian food.)

I will update this post to add what I have on in the look of the day too because I can't remember...

See you soon! Bye!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My favorite Jewels (well...some of them) and LOTD.

I hope everyone of you are doing well and had a nice weekend.
So today I'm gonna show you my favorite jewels, this blog is after all about everything I like and I really love jewels!

These are some simple summer accessories that I bought at he New Yorker Store at the Mall in Part Dieu. They weren't very expensive but they caught my eye because they were pretty and made me think of summer instantly. 

This is my Shamballa Bracelet. Aparently it has a signification (I honestly didn't know,I just got it because it was pretty) :).  I bought it from a small store downtown that sells cosmetic products, they have this near the cash register. I also bought the Skull one that I'm gonna show u further in this post there.

This is a set that I bought last summer (2011), I bought the necklace from H&M and then I bought the little earrings from a stall at the market, when I saw them I couldn't resst and I knew  that they would fit perfectly, I like to wear these on a hot summer day when I do a high ponytail. The earrings are quite small so you can't really see them when my hair is down but it makes quite the statement when I pull my hair back.

This is my dearly beloved glass beads bracelet, I've had it for about a year and a half and I've been wearing it everyday since. I really like it because the colour looks good on my skin and also because it's not to big nor too small, it's also easy toslip on or off because it has that kind of elastic nylon in it.

These are some very nice hoop earrings that I bought in Annecy about 5 or 6 years ago while I was on vacation and I like them because they remind me of the good time spent there. I also like them because they don't pull my hair like other hoop earrings tend to do sometimes.

This Hello Kitty Watch was a gift from my sister and I really love it because it has Hello Kitty on it ^^
She has the same in Fuschia pink and it looks absolutely amazing, this watch is nice for any occasions. I even wear it at work. It's not too big so it doesn't stand out too much. My wrists are quite small compared to the restof my body so it always looks weird when I wear big watches and chunky bracelets.

The following item is another Shambala Bracelet. I can't really say I liked it too much because it was a bit big for me, I gave it to my sister and she liked it. I did like the little skulls on it. She loves skulls so I thought she would like it :)

I really like the following necklace. It's silver and the chain is long. I can wrap it around my neck twice to give it a twist f I want to. I usually wear it like that. And it is super shiny! I love shiny things :)

The following items I bought from ebay from a Chinese seller, I just thought they looked cute. It's not real gold but it doesn't really matter because I usually wear some items everydaythenI switch to something else when I get tired of it. I also avoid spraying alcohol (perfume of deodorant) on them and I take them off before I shower or sleep.

My Monday Look of the Day, 

This might sound cliché but I hate mondays especially when it starts raining just as I get out the door, and it's May. Where the hell is all that rain coming from?! Seriously? I can't stand the bad weather anymore.
Makes me feel like staying in bed. I know that there are places where the weather is even crappier but still...

Anyway, enough of the rant. These pictures were taken before I went out and got my hair all messed up by the rain because Ididn't have my umbrella :'( 

I hope you have a wonderful day ahead, it's pouring here so send some sunshine my way :)

See you! Bye!