Saturday, August 25, 2012

International Makeup and Skincare Swap: Thailand/France Part 2 (loooooong overdue!!! =/ )

Hi! I hope you will like this. It's the second part of my International Swap post and also a bit of a general review.
I won't pretend to be completely objective because it wouldn't be honest. I've been wanting to do a swap for a while now and now that I have, I can't wait to do it again =)

Ok, so let's get into it.
These are the rest of the products that I recieved.

This is a nice baby pink but not the kind that looks off when your skin is too tanned (like mine is right now) it actually blends very well and it has a nice shiny finish and best of all, it's not sticky at all.

Thes two onail polishes are quite opaque and you can get away just by applying one coat, especially if you use a base first. I use the Seche Vite base and it's perfect, they stay on pretty long too, about nine days with minimal chipping. I say they're keepers.

This lipstick is quite shimmery and a soft pink, it's quite moisturising and comfortable to wear but I must admit that I wouldn't buy something this shimmery. I still surprised myself reaching for it a lot though (three times this week, and it's been like that since I've got it actually) it's growing on me =)

These shadows are really nice because they are buildable, you can do a subtle sheer look by applying a subtle wash of colour to your lids or you can make it more intense by simply patting it on. I use my fingers and it works great. I'm really impressed by the staying quality of these even on the lower lash line.

This blusher is the one I reach for when I want to add a touch of colour to my cheeks but still keep it subtle or when I use a bronzer that isn't matte. Again, this has amazing staying power compared to blushers I've used so far and it is also buildable.

I used this polish to create some nail art on my toe nails and so far so good, it's been about a week already. I also didn't need to add a top coat because it has this nice glossy effect and you can get away with just applying the polish alone.

This mascara is the BOMB, really. It makes my lashes look like I've just slapped on a pair of fake lashes and the part that I like is that it doesn't dry too fast, so you can layer it and also it's really jet black which makes your eyes pop even if you're not wearing any eyeliner. It's amazing.

This mascara is extra black too, but I use it less than the In2it one because of the brush, I don't really know how to use it and the few times I tried I got mascara all over my face (my nose actually), so if someone knows best please help?

Usually I keep sample perfume in my bag now I keep this one, it's the perfect size and the smell is nice and fresh, it's also subtle enought to blend with whatever perfume I may have spritzed earlier during the day which is a huge plus.

I took a while before trying this because I'm not really the lip stain kind of person, I prefer lip balm and lipstick. But this blends perfectly with any lip product so when you wanna give it a boost, like if the lipstick you're wearing is kind of nude and you want to give it more of a red tint you can use this on top and blend it, it also doesn't dry as fast as the lip stains I've used before so that's a plus because I you go a bit overboard you get the time to fix it.

Now the following items disappeared as soon as I saw them, they just got there photo time and gone. =P

Pizza shaped candy

Chocolate flavoured mini crunchy cookies.

I had never tasted either of these but they were delicious. Thanks again Jeanette for spoiling me so much with all this. This has a been a very nice first swap experience, I can't wait for the next.

Until my next post.
See you! Bye!

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