Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As usual, playing with makeup

Hi all!
As usual I've been playing with makeup this weekend, but this time it didn't turn out too successfully, maybe because I didn't want to use red eyeshadow...
It's a colour that I usually avoid absolutely but maybe I should give it a try and stop being a scaredy cat >_<'.

I was trying to go for this:

only the makeup look though =P, there's no way I can look anything close to that, I know it darn well ^^.

so I started off by doing my brows with a Rimmel brow pencil in Darkest Brown, then I applied some Urban Decay primer Potion all over my lid,after that I took my Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt to create a sticky base for the shadow I was gonna use. I also applied some Garnier roll-on concealer.
My lashes are almost invisible because I usually try to get some primer on them, I feel like it helps hold the curl when I curl them before applying mascara, and it makes the mascara look darker and my lashes look more dense too.
this eye looks pissed, I don't know why lol

Here's the look after I applied liner and mascara the liner is the Kiko Cosmetics felt tip liner, I'm a liner control freak so this is the perfect liner for me, I can draw the line as thin or thick as I want. In the following pics you'll see that I did it both thin and thick. The mascara is Benefit "they're real", I think the brush is a bit scary because the bristles are plastic and so stiff but I like the results so I fight my fear and use it =P
I usually do my brows like this because I don't like when they're too dark, it makes me look "frowny" IMO. I usually apply the powder left on my powder brush to give them this look then sometimes if I still want definition or if they're going in all directions I put some clear mascara on them. Here I didn't bother doing it.
Don't try to understand what's going on with my hair, I've given up a long time ago ^^. On weekends I let it go wild.

All these shaky pictures!!! I'm really sorry, it's like my hands won't function when they're supposed to... =/

Yes, so as you can see, Beyoncé was nowhere to be seen, but well, I had fun doing it anyway. =)

And this is a random picture of my most favorite drink these days, Strawberry Slushie!!!

I want one just seeing these photos, am such an addict.

I hope you liked this post. I'll try doing the same look soon but this time I'll make sure I don't do it before going out so I can use the red shadow in case it turns out looking all weird and wrong ;)

See you! Bye!


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