Sunday, October 14, 2012

Play it'll make you happy!

Hi, this is an unusual post but I'm still posting it, because I want my blog to be about what inspires me too, not only perfect lines and pretty pictures, it's about being spontaneous too.

 I decided to play with my eyeliner, it was around 2am just before I went to bed but I was struck by sudden inspiration!!!

And half of my face ended up like this =)

The lines are all weird because I used a very sh***y eyeliner and also because without contacts that's as accurate as I can get >_<'
I still liked the little fake lashes effect under my eyes, I'll definitely be incorporating that into one of my future looks.
This post is nothing special but I just wanted to post it still and say that It's only makeup after all, you wash it off and you're still the same person after so have fun! =) I sure do.

Look out for my next post, exciting business in it!
Until then, take care.

See you! Bye!


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