Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy bee!!!


Hope you're all fine!

Sorry for the absence of any posts this week, I've been quite tired and busy, a combination my body doesn't really seem to like but interesting stuff coming ahead!

First of all I'm revamping the blog so you'll see some of that , and I also have  photoshoot this weekend (I'll be the MUA not the model =P)

Until my next update, which will be asap promise, here's some pictures of my current obsession. 

L'OrĂ©al Paris' Color Riche in Dating Coral, on the pic I've been wearing it for three days, I'm still wearig it now and it's been almost a week, so far, no chips. \o/

In the first pic I'm also sporting my most fave bracelet in the world (currently=P) from Asos, you can also get it from Ebay ;)

I really love the brush because you cover your entire nail in two brush strokes and it dries pretty fast too.

And see below, so far, no chips! I love it!!!

I'm also wearing my elephant ring that I got from Ebay.

See you all soon! Bye! 



  1. Love this Nailpolish. Looks great on your tanned skin! I saw this bracelet on eBay alot, i am not sure if i would wear it that much. I really like it, but i think it's just nothing for me to wear. I got me a claw ring though :)

    1. Thank you Janine!!! The bracelet *I got about a month ago and I jut put it on my night table and looked at it everyday, but I thought it looked too chunky for my wrist, because my wrists are small.
      But actually, it's kind of lighter than what I thought it would be and also it's not too thick so with the heat you don't feel like it's bothering you or anything. But yes, it's not something i would wear everyday, I did get a lot of compliments the day I wore it so that's a plus too ^^
      Thanks for stopping by Janine! it's always a pleasure to get your feedback.


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