Thursday, June 28, 2012

Saturday Photo Shoot!!!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend,  I did!
This weekend I had my first real experience as a MUA, as in, I didn't know the person I was gonna apply makeup on and it had to be done well because it was for a photo shoot.
In the beginning, I must admit that I was a bit stressed out by the whole thing and I had a little panick attack moment when everything was spread out on the table and the model was sitting there bare faced waiting for me to “work my magic”.^^
But then I just “went for it” and started and everything went quite well.
It was quite a nice experience because the model and also the photographer were very nice, we were chatting and laughing all along, I didn’t even see the time go by!
I can't wait for the next time!!!

Me making faces while actually applying the makeup, I was telling her: “do like this --___--”

This is a picture of the model before applying the makeup, she had awesome skin: not too dry not too oily, no pimples and no scars, only some bad dark circles but nothing that a good concealer couldn’t help with.

Sabrina, the model looking all glamorous, can you believe that her own lashes were longer than the lashes I glued on?!!! I was like: “What the…?!!!”

This is my favorite look, the Amazone one. The only instructions that I had were that it had to be green and look like an eye mask and be intricate for close-up pictures.
I really enjoyed doing it and it turned out so nice, I might just rock it on a night out ^^, just kidding, but I would be tempted to do so. Wish I were a bit more bold. ^^

I hope you all enjoyed this post I will update it with the products used, surprisingly I didn't really use much, I used a lot of brushes but tried to keep the product list short so it wouldn't look cakey.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience and I'm really happy and grateful that Aurélie trusted me to do this and also to Sabrina for letting me post her pictures on my blog and also being such a sport about getting her makeup done by a newbie like me. =)

Have a nice friday!

See you all real soon!



  1. you made a very very good job, i coudln't find better, thank you! you're now my official MUA (as long as you want to )

  2. Oh thank you soooooo much! And of course I want to, as long as I'm free, I up for it. =)
    Thanks again, it was an amazing experience!


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