Monday, June 4, 2012

May Favourites (new series)!


I hope all of you are well. So I've decided to post favourites on the last day of the month so you can have some reviews of products or random things that I liked (or didn't like) and also for myself, to keep track of what I've been using for comparison purposes.
Obviously this month I'mposting it in june but next month I'll be good, promise! =D

First of all, this has been an all time favorite, not only for this month:

MAC Fix+ : it feels really nice when I spray this for a little hydration durting the day. It also has a slight dewy finish that I quite like, it's supposed to make your makeup last longer but I don't think that it's really good at doing that.
I like it because it doesn't contain any alcohol and when you spray it it dries rather fast, it also doesn't leave any "watermarks" like other products that I've used in the past.

I also use this when I only apply some powder and no foundation: I apply the powder, spray this then I apply another layer of powder. This creates an nice matte look and it's not too cakey, perfect for weekends when you still want that extra coverage.

This reminds me a lot of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. The texture is the same but I feel like this feels a bit more quenching though. I've been getting some serious dry patches and flakes on my face because I stopped exfoliating as often as I did before (it's not too good for your skin to overexfoliate O_o).

I've been using it for three weeks now day and night (I use my Estee Lauder serum just before applying it at night) and it is the best moisturizer I've used so far.
during theday it's not too heavy and keeps my skin hydrated all day, also it doesn't have any kind of weird reaction when I spritz my face with the fix plus during the day. They work good together.

I've been using this everyday, I can't really explain this apart from "it does what it says". My hand just reaches for it everyday so I guess that qualifies it as a favorite =)

This has nothing to do with makeup but I've been addicted to Lolcats!!! So funny! =D

And my last favorite is Cat-eye LOTD's.
I just love it and it makes my big eyes look even bigger, if someone hd told me that I would want even bigger eyes 15 years ago I would've laughed at them ^^

See you! Bye!


  1. Awesome stuff! I was just wondering why my MAC Fix + is so little and yours so large o_O. Guess i didn't pay attention ordering it. And this gel looks good too, i might look into that!

    1. At the store where I went they only have the big MAC Fix + so I took it and this is actually my second, I'm addicted to it.
      And the gel moisturizer is like heaven, seriously, sometimes I put some in a tester jar that the SA gave me and I put it in the fridge when I know that I'm gonna do a scrub, I use it just after and seriously, it feels so nice it makes me sleepy (I usually do my scrubs at night) =)
      It is on the expensive side though but I think having healthy and happy skin is an investment, I'd rather invest in skincare and save on regular makeup.
      In the beginning I was a bit hard to convince but she gave me some to try for three days day and night and I ended up going back for the full size. It's definitely worth testing first though, everyone reacts differently after all, but the SA told me that it had a lot of success especially during the summer because it's very hydrating without felling greasy or sticky and that's really nice especially at night, you don't wanna feel like u have a ton of stuff on when you're gonna put your face on a pillow.

    2. By the way, thanks for reading and for your feedback too Janine I really appreciate it! =)


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