Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My favorite Jewels (well...some of them) and LOTD.

I hope everyone of you are doing well and had a nice weekend.
So today I'm gonna show you my favorite jewels, this blog is after all about everything I like and I really love jewels!

These are some simple summer accessories that I bought at he New Yorker Store at the Mall in Part Dieu. They weren't very expensive but they caught my eye because they were pretty and made me think of summer instantly. 

This is my Shamballa Bracelet. Aparently it has a signification (I honestly didn't know,I just got it because it was pretty) :).  I bought it from a small store downtown that sells cosmetic products, they have this near the cash register. I also bought the Skull one that I'm gonna show u further in this post there.

This is a set that I bought last summer (2011), I bought the necklace from H&M and then I bought the little earrings from a stall at the market, when I saw them I couldn't resst and I knew  that they would fit perfectly, I like to wear these on a hot summer day when I do a high ponytail. The earrings are quite small so you can't really see them when my hair is down but it makes quite the statement when I pull my hair back.

This is my dearly beloved glass beads bracelet, I've had it for about a year and a half and I've been wearing it everyday since. I really like it because the colour looks good on my skin and also because it's not to big nor too small, it's also easy toslip on or off because it has that kind of elastic nylon in it.

These are some very nice hoop earrings that I bought in Annecy about 5 or 6 years ago while I was on vacation and I like them because they remind me of the good time spent there. I also like them because they don't pull my hair like other hoop earrings tend to do sometimes.

This Hello Kitty Watch was a gift from my sister and I really love it because it has Hello Kitty on it ^^
She has the same in Fuschia pink and it looks absolutely amazing, this watch is nice for any occasions. I even wear it at work. It's not too big so it doesn't stand out too much. My wrists are quite small compared to the restof my body so it always looks weird when I wear big watches and chunky bracelets.

The following item is another Shambala Bracelet. I can't really say I liked it too much because it was a bit big for me, I gave it to my sister and she liked it. I did like the little skulls on it. She loves skulls so I thought she would like it :)

I really like the following necklace. It's silver and the chain is long. I can wrap it around my neck twice to give it a twist f I want to. I usually wear it like that. And it is super shiny! I love shiny things :)

The following items I bought from ebay from a Chinese seller, I just thought they looked cute. It's not real gold but it doesn't really matter because I usually wear some items everydaythenI switch to something else when I get tired of it. I also avoid spraying alcohol (perfume of deodorant) on them and I take them off before I shower or sleep.

My Monday Look of the Day, 

This might sound cliché but I hate mondays especially when it starts raining just as I get out the door, and it's May. Where the hell is all that rain coming from?! Seriously? I can't stand the bad weather anymore.
Makes me feel like staying in bed. I know that there are places where the weather is even crappier but still...

Anyway, enough of the rant. These pictures were taken before I went out and got my hair all messed up by the rain because Ididn't have my umbrella :'( 

I hope you have a wonderful day ahead, it's pouring here so send some sunshine my way :)

See you! Bye!


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