Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In progress painting and yesterday's LOTD

Hi everyone!
I hope you've been good ad well, I'm quite tired these days and not really feeling the motivation to do anything really.
This is the last painting that I've done, I actually finished it but it's not home yet because it isn't dry.
Painting is something that makes me feel relaxed and creative, well most of the time it does that but sometimes (like now) even that won't do, and I just feel bleh...

I will post an updated picture with the actual flowers soon (probably tonight because I'm gonna bring it home).I tried doing a few here but the brown paint on the branches wasn't dry so it bleeded a bit  >_<'.
This is the finished painting, I still need to frame it though.

This is my LOTD, these days I must admit that I haven't been very creative in  the makeup department, I did do some braids in my hair for a change but for the makeup I stayed in my comfort zone because I don't really have the time to go into elaborate stuff, and my sweet sleep is so precious that I didn't feel like waking up earlier to do more.
I do make it a point to stick to my skincare routine because I've been breaking out quite seriously since saturday. My face feels so itchy sometimes I want to scratch it. O_o

I've been going wild with the tea tree oil products, I use them morning and night.
The ones I have are: 
The body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing face wash and the Tea Tree oil Blemish stick:
I use this morning and night. I apply the blemish gel on the spots and then I wait for it to dry before applying anything else to my face just to make sure that it penetrates.

I also wash my face every night with this Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash, it's very refreshing:

I know that you're not supposed to exfoliate daily but I think it'll help with the breakout so I use it sparingly on on located areas only so  Idon't dry out my skin. But I only do it at night because my face remains red for a while after using it. 

Anyway, that's it for today, sorry for complaning a bit but I'm really not used to breaking out so it always freaks me out because I always figure that it's because I did or ate something that I shouldn't have (like spicy food, I had a lot this weekend and I don't think it's a coincidence... -______-' I just can't resist asian food.)

I will update this post to add what I have on in the look of the day too because I can't remember...

See you soon! Bye!


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