Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming up soon!

Hi all!!!
I hope u are as energised as I am and that you could enjoy this three day weekend, for those who didn't, I hope u'll have the chance to do so soon. God knows I needed it. It only rained once this weekend and I was at home so yay!^^

So this is just a post about my upcoming posts, I started using some new products after my breakout subsided a bit. Last friday I was at MAC and a very nice SA showed me this product:

MAC Mineralise Charged Water Moisture Gel

This product is amazing, and I must say that my skin is really loving it so I'll stick to it for now and do a full review when I will be sure of what I think of it.
Until then, here's a link to a review by Musingsofamuse that I read before buying it: Link.

And this is my LOTD from yesterday, nothing unusual besides my bright orange shirt. =)

The last few pictures with the green shirt are from the day after my breakout started =(

I also have to post about some other MAC goodies that I got but I'm not telling. It's not much though, because I've decided that I need to start shopping the stash if I don't want to become a makeup hoarder. <__<' (I actually think I'm one already)

Anyways, see you soon!!!

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